With over 20 years of manufacturing experience in China, we bring to the table all the knowledge and system to land your product on time and on spec. Our bilingual product engineers are guided by a philosophy of no surprises while our management team helps navigate your business interest away from the many pitfalls of international trade.

Asian ProSource can prototype from concept drawings, 3D, CAD, Pro Engineer, or previous product to set up your supply chain relationships.

Asian ProSource navigates all factory relations from A to Z, delivering products to your warehouse at the greatest value and least risk.

As a company without experience in overseas production we had many questions and unknowns that were quickly addressed with clear communication, regular updates and easy access to the customer service teams in the US and China. Our expectations were easily surpassed by the level of professionalism and experience from the team at Asian ProSource. Our company would not be what it is today without their services.” Steven Schwartz – Principal, Automats Inc.

I have been doing business with the principal of Asian Pro Source for the last several years. During that time, what has been promised has always been delivered within the agreed upon timeframe and at the price quoted. I am comfortable making commitments to my customers because I am confident that the commitments made to me by Asian ProSource will be kept.” Dick Wurzburg – The Alumni Group, LLC.

Asian ProSource successfully sourced a wide range of building products at prices we could not find anywhere else. Because of their long standing relationships with the actual factories in various cities throughout China, we were able to find the best products that met our requirements at the best prices. Additionally, their long history of doing business meant a flawless execution, from sourcing to contracting to quality control to the actual delivery.” Rick Firmine – Loft 5 & RF Development

Thank you for the wonderful bags. I love the way they are packaged in the plastic, I love the way they are sewn, and the colors are perfect. The mesh is just right – I like the lighter mesh for the shower bags. The boxes were very good, too. I just want to tell you how much people love the bags you made for Saltwater Canvas. I am so confident in the product quality.” Helen Langone – Saltwater Canvas

Please allow me to offer a complete, no reservation recommendation for Asian ProSource. My company was most fortunate to team up with this talented group to assist us in sourcing approximately 30 different components used in the manufacturing of our product.” Richard J. Brouse


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