With offices in the US and China, we’re proud of our reputation as an upbeat, solutions minded company with a focus developing win-win relationships and delivering results.

Asian ProSource has refined and perfected our product and manufacturing sourcing operations and our relationships with Chinese manufacturers and government officials for over 20 years. Thanks to our experience, we are able to help our clients minimize risk, substantially reduce the cost of goods, and accelerate sustained growth. We are a premier product sourcing agent for the Chinese market and can help source all type of manufacturing products.

Expert teams in Las Vegas and Shanghai are multilingual, and all have extensive Asia experience, combined with talented local buyers, project managers, and quality control specialists.


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Mr. Smith first began business partnerships in Asia in 1985 and has over 20 years experience establishing businesses in Greater China and Asia. Educated at BYU and fluent in Mandarin, Mr. Smith quickly engaged in trade and manufacturing while he lived in Taiwan, and later moved to China.

Mr. Smith completed numerous projects in market entry, construction engineering, and new product development. He in-turn used his skills to begin helping other US companies achieve their objectives in China within the “Buy, Build, or Sell” strategies. Mr. Smith personally has over 40 large-scale completed projects in China, 6 JV companies, and is well cited in various Asian media.

REMY SMITH / Founder & COO


Asian ProSource COO and Founder. Remy has over 15 years of import/export, joint venture consulting, and negotiation experience in China and the surrounding region.

She has cooperated with some of Asia’s largest multi-national corporations including Budweiser, China National Sports Bureau, Channel V (Hong Kong), Coca Cola, Formosa Plastic (Taiwan), Kleenex, Levi Strauss, Lipton, Makro (Germany), MTV, Pepsi, President (Taiwan), Reebok, and Shanghai Stadium.

Justin Sellers/ US Sales Executive


Justin has over 10 years’ experience in sales and marketing. In addition to a proven record of success working with small and emerging business, Justin has an understanding of the challenges inherent in driving the initiatives of larger national and multi-national organizations.

Celine Lu/ Projects Management Director


Asian ProSource China Project Management Director. Celine has developed more then 10 years of logistics, sourcing and shipping experiences with our company.


She oversees “top to bottom” operations in China and is a specialist in factory management and manufacturing. Celine is known for her diligent approach toward quality control for the entire China operations office.