Lebanese Women March In Beirut Against Sexual Harassment

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Data had been analysed thematically using the conventions of template analysis within a fabric discursive framework. This paper questions the assumption that sexuality is an altogether powerful and naturally occurring phenomenon.

This signifies that youngsters with Syrian or Palestinian fathers in particular endure discrimination on the labour market and aren’t entitled to any medical insurance. Research into the particular role of women in Lebanese politics, nevertheless, is less complete. Extant literature focuses primarily on the assorted structural factors that prohibit women’s political participation, such as sectarianism, political clientelism, and political familism. As Zaiter and El Masry, a notable exception to this literature, argue, a give attention to structural components, whereas important, can’t account for women’s individual experiences of, and within these methods.

“Operational Human Security In Tripoli For Women And Girls”

Since one of many trial’s inclusion criteria was “intent to breastfeed”, it could be argued that their views may not be representative of all Lebanese women, some of whom might not have the identical enthusiasm for breastfeeding. Their perceptions of their breastfeeding conduct subsequently may differ from those living in rural areas of the nation, those with lesser revenue, or those that are much less educated. Women living in rural areas are economically deprived and therefore might are inclined to breastfeed extra due to price related reasons. Breastfeeding practices of mothers coming from poorer families in low to center income nations have been shown to be greater than that of richer households; this has been speculated to be because of the truth that poorer moms will proceed breastfeeding to save lots of on spending . Another limitation pertains to piloting of the questionnaire on a small sample of 20 women.

Participants’ views on causes of sexual dysfunction recognized organic, psychosocial and religious elements. Sexual decline in old age was thought-about redeemable with the support of biomedical and traditional medicines. However, solely traditional medicine was considered helpful in addressing sexual dysfunctions that had non secular dimensions. The affect lebanese women of medication, faith, media, and sexual violence in setting up and confining the expertise and expression of female sexuality was underscored in this qualitative analysis of the sexual themes skilled within the lives of 10 grownup women. Structural and institutional barriers to the event of female sexual health were identified.

In a well-recognized scene witnessed during the Sudanese uprisings in 2018, and in Chile and Iraq in 2019, women had been once once more at the entrance line. Sexual health throughout the life course is influenced by biological and psychosocial components. The paper explores sexuality and associated practices among older Yoruba people with a view to figuring out the implications of cultural beliefs and practices for sexual well being in later life.

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A whole of sixty four vignette-based in-depth interviews and 12 focus-group discussions were held with older adults (50-seventy five years) in two Yoruba communities in south western Nigeria. Findings portray sexuality as an essential facet of old age, with sexual intercourse being construed as having bodily and religious consequences. This similar perspective additionally emerged as participants’ attributed elements affecting sexual need in old age to religious beliefs, poverty, ill well being and the non-availability of a associate.


Efforts ought to address establishing nationwide preventive programmes, corresponding to screening for STIs, main prevention, complete sexuality schooling, as well as youth-pleasant companies. This article types a part of a regional report entitled “Comprehensive Control of HPV Infections and Related Diseases in the Extended Middle East and North Africa Region” Vaccine Volume 31, Supplement 6, 2013.

Coding revealed that metaphors for sexuality provided a creative and integrative way for women to precise the complexity of their sexuality. In addition, a sexual developmental trajectory emerged from the analysis, as did themes of fluidity and perfect sexuality. Implications for principle and remedy, as well as future instructions for research, are offered. Based upon the findings of a qualitative in-depth interview research with 23 women aged 23–72 years recruited from members of the general public and a psychosexual clinic, this paper explores members understandings of the time period “sexuality”. The findings are set within the context of historical, prevailing and infrequently contradictory perceptions of the time period.

Micro-degree analyses are crucial to any discussion of girls’s political participation in Lebanon, and can broaden understandings of girls’s political participation exterior of formal political constructions. The question of girls’s political participation in Lebanon couldn’t be more timely.

Updates of the progress within the area are introduced in a separate monograph entitled “Comprehensive Control of HPV Infections and Related Diseases” Vaccine Volume 30, Supplement 5, 2012. We interviewed 17 numerous women relating to the that means of sexuality in their lives.

The capability to isolate and give credence to a definitive that means of the term is, both for members and academics alike, an arduous endeavor. Rather than focusing totally on the material body, the extent to which ideology, tradition and power intersect with the former point out its multidimensional, constructed nature. Given the whole host of meanings evoked by the time period, the paper asserts that it’s more becoming to talk of a number of understandings of sexuality rather than a singular authoritative one whilst additionally contingent on social and historic practices. The findings have implications that should be thought-about when evaluating previous sexological research and conducting future research where this time period is used throughout as a spotlight of academic enquiry. Our respondents have been recruited from a cohort of ladies collaborating in a breastfeeding promotion and support clinical trial .

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It may be argued that this sample may not have captured enough opinions about the questionnaire. However, we consider that this quantity was sufficient for the piloting phase since all 20 women have been recruited from the identical collaborating centers, had the identical inclusion and exclusion standards of the trial, and gave comparable evaluations of the questionnaire attributes. Thus, it was deemed unnecessary to revise and re-pilot the questionnaire, or to enlarge the piloted pattern measurement. A third limitation is that Lebanese women who observe the Muslim religion are inclined to breastfeed more because it’s dictated in the Quran that breastfeeding for two years is a mother’s responsibility. Hence, our pattern may characterize Arab women residing in an city area however not of the entire Arab women inhabitants.

Areas of central importance to women for experiencing their sexuality included sexual expression, reproduction, physique image, and intimate relationships. Both optimistic and adverse themes have been identified, emphasizing the importance for ladies of assuming an energetic role in the building of our own sexual paradigms.

The extended Middle East and North Africa region is the world area with the second youngest population, where globalization, migration, information expertise, and political adjustments are contributing to the shaping of sexuality and sexual behaviors. New norms and forms of marriage have emerged to accommodate the altering tendencies in sexual behavior of premarital and additional-marital sex, in addition to reviews of increased prevalence of premarital penetrative and non-penetrative sexual behavior. Despite these tendencies, the burden of sexual sicknesses stays low and is estimated at 7% of the overall inhabitants being infected with curable STIs. The current policies and well being systems remain in need of selling youth reproductive and sexual health.