Top 3 Tips for Finding the Right Manufacturer in China


When you set up a new retail business, one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make regarding the business is that of choosing a manufacturer for your products. There are businesses that choose to work with a local manufacturer, whereas others choose to source their products from Asia or South America. In recent years, […]

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Patent License Agreement Image

Top 3 Prototyping Questions Answered


If you’ve been involved in business in whatever capacity for some time now, then you have most probably noticed that many business owners are now getting their products manufactured overseas, particularly in China. And the most common reason given for the increased preference for sourcing products from China is the considerable amount of savings they […]

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Top 4 Tips for Choosing a Product Sourcing Company


Are you in the planning stage for your retail business? Whether you plan to set up a brick-and-mortar shop or simply run an online retail site, you’re going to have to get your products from somewhere. You could set up your own factory where your company can manufacture its own products, but that would entail […]

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Business Partner Offshore

Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing A China Sourcing Consultant


China has recently become a major sourcing hub, supplying businesses from all corners of the world with products in practically all types of industries. If you’re in the planning stage of setting up a new business, then you’re probably also considering sourcing your products from China. If that’s the case, it would certainly be a […]

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Crossing National Border but Cultural Borders too

Product Sourcing in China – How to Ensure Success


It was about ten years ago when companies from all over the world began to recognize the opportunities offered by China in terms of product sourcing. Today, millions of companies have chosen to outsource at least part of their production to this Asian country. If you plan to do the same, one of the most […]

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