About 80% of all goods on the market today were made in China, and there’s good reason for this. China is at a unique point in the manufacturing world – modern factories with state of the art equipment and technologies, efficient infrastructure, and low cost of labor make it feasible for North American companies to buy from China.

Billions of dollars of quality products are successfully exported from China every year, saving North American businesses untold amounts in their cost of goods.

All businesses must examine their needs before they decide to buy from China. The process of locating, contracting with, and managing relationships with China factories is daunting, but with our experience and time-tested processes, Asian ProSource will effectively evaluate the feasibility of working with China suppliers.


One professional relationship

Streamlined China sourcing.  Access to multiple factories, with only one Asian ProSource relationship, professionally coordinates your purchase orders. We can locate a custom manufacturer that will work with a variety of order quantities.


China based legal recourse

Asian ProSource contracts the factory with legally binding agreements to protect your order.


Borrow on our experience

Leverage our 20 years of import/export experience to successfully navigate the China market and be successful in your contract manufacturing venture.


Better pricing

Our local staff in China provides more competitive pricing and broader selection.


24-hour service:

Our US office is open when you are. Our China office delivers answers by your morning.


Quality assurances

We provide in-house Quality Control, digital pictures, and sample confirmation.


Competitive advantage

Our knowledge of the local business landscape enables us to provide all the assurances and services at the US standard to make your China product sourcing successful at minimal risk.